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Proxy Mafia

Proxy Mafia is an anonymous proxy server whereby you can bypass Internet filters while at school, at work, or in any other case where you need to bypass censorship filters or protect your personal data from being stolen online.

To start browsing the web anonymously, just enter the URL you want to visit and click "hide me". There are no options to selectively block images, JavaScripts, cookies or other web elements.



Bypass7 is an anonymous proxy server specifically devoted to ease the access to sites like MySpace or Facebook when these are blocked by an Internet filter. Bypass7 can also protect your personal data and privacy online by hiding your IP address when browsing web sites.

To start browsing the Internt anonymously and unblock any web site, just click on the image at the center of the page, tweak the options provided (remove JavaScript elements, remove cookies and encode web pages) if you need greater privacy and last type the URL of the web site you want to visit.



GoogleSharing is a particular kind of proxy server, designed to anonymize your Internet browsing to the eyes of Google only. All your non-Google traffic remains completely untouched, but the traffic made to Google-related sites is masked so that Google is no longer able to track who goes where.

To start utilizing GoogleSharing you only have to download the Firefox extension, install it and then you can browse the web normally. Detailed instructions on GoogleSharing setup and configuration are available.



FastProxyNetwork is a free anonymous proxy server that you can use to surf the web anonymously and protect your personal privacy. You can take advantage of FastProxyNetwork to bypass firewalls of any type, like those set in your company, school or university networks.

To start surfing the web anonymously type the URL of the site you want to browse and then click "Go". Optionally you can set advanced security features that allow you to encode the page and URL you are visiting or remove page title, scripts and cookies.


proxyget.jpg is a free anonymous proxy server that allows you to surf the Internet anonymously by hiding the IP address of your computer. With an anonymous web proxy, you can safely bypass firewalls and online filters while at school or work.

Without installing anything on your machine or configuring complicated settings you can enjoy the benefit of anonymous browsing just by typing in the address of the site you want to browse and then clicking "surf" to start browsing.


Ninja Cloak

Ninja Proxy is a web proxy server that allows you to bypass firewalls and Internet filters when surfing your favorite sites and also to protect your personal data by hiding your IP address.

Ninja Cloak works both via HTTP or HTTPS (secure) connections and you can even set how the proxy manages cookies, JavaScript elements and referrers to enjoy even safer private browsing.



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